Yoga Poses: Embrace Your Sexy

The intent of sexy yoga is doing what makes you feel sexy. That may be based on the poses that make you feel strong and flexible, or simply purchasing yoga attire that show how long, lean, and toned you are. In addition, there are a few instructors that naturally inspire you to feel your sexiest.

How Yoga Makes You Feel Sexy

Many people report that practicing yoga contributes to their mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing in various ways. You may notice the following:

You’ll feel sexier overall due to self-acceptance and lowered inhibitions

You’ll be stronger and more flexible

Your body will become more toned

Increased blood flow and good breathing techniques make lovemaking much more intense

Looser hips and thighs, which contribute to a better functioning pelvic floor

Sexy Yoga Poses and Breathing

Some breathing exercises and poses may not seem sexy at the time, but they create such an intensity in the bedroom later, you’ll be glad you tried them. According to the July 2006 issue of Fitness Magazine, there is a yoga workout that takes just five minutes and will make lovemaking even more incredible.

The steps are simple:

Yoga Poses: Embrace Your Sexy

Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply through your nose a few times for a total of one minute while sitting in a comfortable position.

Do 10 of the following Yogi Sit-Ups:

Start on the floor with your knees together and bent, keeping your abs tight the entire time you perform this exercise.

Straighten your legs out at the knees so that your shins are parallel with the floor. **Simultaneously, pull your arms up so that they’re straight out, one on each side of your legs.

Inhale while lifting and lowering the legs; exhale between reps.

For another one minute period, perform Triangle Pose. Hold each side for five breaths-five counts in and five counts out.

The next pose, referred to by Fitness Magazine as The Frog, will really open up your hips and get the blood flowing. You start out on your hands and knees, but work your knees out to the sides as far as possible. From there, you simply press your hips back while exhaling to feel the stretch. Hold for about one minute, then return to the starting position.

The final pose in the series is the Bridge Pose. This move consists of pushing up into the Bridge Pose. Women should stop and do ten Kegel exercises, then lower. Repeat this until one minute is up.

Other sexy yoga poses include:

Downward Facing Dog Pose

Cobra Pose

Firefly Pose

Wide-Legged Forward Bend

Wheel Pose

Dolphin Pose

Open Angle Pose

Sexy Workout Clothes for Practicing Yoga

While Nude yoga can make you feel sensual and sexy, it isn’t for everyone. But, there is yoga attire with sex appeal. Here are a few sites that feature yoga sexy yoga clothing.

Yoga Poses: Embrace Your Sexy

Everything Yoga has attire for men and women. So many of their items are designed with true comfort in mind, and it’s nearly impossible to make the most of your sexy yoga if you don’t feel comfortable.

Tantric Is Sexy

If you’re not wearing sexy yoga clothes and doing sexy yoga poses just for yourself, why not invite your partner to join in on the action? Tantric yoga, while not about sex, is a way to connect with your lover on a whole new level. The eye contact and synchronized breathing and poses are incredibly sexy.

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