Are there any ladies out there that every want more from their massage session? What are some cues you might give to your masseuse to let them know it’s okay?

Hi. You are here to see more videos about Japanese Oil Massage or as it is also called Japanese Nuru Massage.

I am a massage therapist and have good experience of working at more than 10 spa in hotels, massage parlours, aayurvedic massage places in India and Middle East.

Japanese Massage

Yes, there are 60 to 70 percent females that I have massage want more from the massage but only few have the courage to speak up or make the situation comfortable for both me and her to go the extra mile.

Also females generally need more than one session to be comfortable and remove their inhibitions.

The ones who have got full satisfaction or charmsukh have given following signals:

Japanese Oil Massage

Moaning while I massage their thighs or hips and open the legs

Ask for lower back massage more and point actually to their ass

Request me to help remove their dress and then get completely naked while talking and putting on the disposable

Asking about what do i do to male clients

Asking about some special services that i offer

Japanese Oil Massage

Bluntly asking to do breast massage

I will share a detailed experience about a female client who got multiple charumsukh massage and also gave me many of her friends as client.

FULL Video Is Here

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